Volvo Penta EDC conversion

EDC computer TAMD73P-A

Volvo Penta EDC

Volvo Penta EDC stands for Electronic Diesel Control, various engine types between the years 1995-2005 are equipped with it; TAMD72P-A, TAMD73P-A, TAMD74P-A, TAMD75P-A, KAD44P-A, KAD44P-B, KAD300P.

It is the predecessor of the EVC system, and the control panels are also different. The first versions came with separate round buttons, from newer ones with a control panel.

Conversion from EDC to J1939 ECU

Q2 2021 I realized a conversion to a double engine installation TAMD73P-A 24V with double steering station, by eliminating the complete EDC system and therefore no longer being dependent on the Volvo Penta ECU. What will be preserved are the control panels/buttons, instruments, alarms and throttles on the steering stations. Installation of another electronic controller on the fuel pump which works together with a J1939 ECU. The signals from the steering station are sent to a DCU (Diesel Control Unit), which controls the various alarms, circuits (including reverse gears) and the J1939 ECU via the CAN bus.

After the installation of these components, which are mainly used in commercial seagoing and inland shipping, the customer is again assured of reliable control of the engines and gearboxes. Of course, the various circuits and adjustment still caused the necessary headaches, but in the end it works and runs excellent!

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