Engineering is obviously a broad concept, and that largely covers the cargo; I am an allround handyman. As a Technical Highschool trained person; you learn to think further than seems possible. We don’t sell no for an answer and problems are there to be solved.
But what do you have to think about specifically at a service like Engineering at DdR-Projects? My specialization is the internal combustion engine, but with the knowledge of machines and marine applications, we know that this engine can only perform optimally if all surrounding components have been carefully selected and configured.

Application engineering:

Every application has to match its package of requirements, and associated various characteristics of a combustion engine and other powertrain components. Only careful consideration at the time of purchase can prevent problems or setbacks in the future. Often a change afterwards is often difficult an expensive or impossible to achieve. Here we look at the correct speeds of propeller (shaft), gearbox, motor and the matching torque curve. Perhaps there is the wish to be able to operate / be (partly) electrically? Also the choice for type of final drive can be decisive: propeller shaft, outboard / heckdrive, waterjet or perhaps sail drive? Do extra hydraulic pumps have to be built up, or does it require extra electric payload, Joystick control, autopilot integration, etc? These are matters that must be taken into account before making a definitive choice for a specific propulsion installation.

Sales Engineering:

After the application has been chosen, it is important to involve and merge all components with various suppliers. Do these different components physically fit together? Which links must be made, both hardware and software? Which brands / products fall within the PVE and can offer the right service and guarantee? It is all part of the process associated with Sales engineering.
Electrical Engineering:
A very important aspect of modern combustion engines, electronics, without which they can no longer function. So you are really a combustion engine expert if you are also an electronics expert. How does engine management (ECU) work? How is this able to perform his own diagnosis? Which sensors and actuators are used and how do they work? How do various computers communicate with each other? These are disciplines that I all possess, and I am able to make quick diagnoses in case of malfunction or challenging new construction projects.

ICT & Software Engineering

Coupled with the electricity, is the ICT and software that works with it. This enables us to control the electrical components perfectly. It is also possible with software to make various programs for various scenarios, making control or intervention by humans superfluous. And to continue to move on to a link with the internet. IOT (Internet Of Things) is a precursor to what is to come.