(Damage) Expertise

The expertise that has been built up in combustion engines over the years, in combination with material and system knowledge, is also regularly used in damage assessments. For an insurance or insured person it is important to know what caused the damage, and perhaps even more importantly: how to prevent this in the future. I also think along with the parties about a proper completion of the repair, both on the technical and the financial level.

Purchase inspection pleasure craft

The propulsion installation is often an important part of the purchase (inspection). If it is not in good condition, the repair / overhaul costs may increase considerably. The age of the ships can often be high in recreational boating, much higher than is customary in the automotive or industry, because there are simply fewer hours per year. This also means that the wear and corrosion pattern looks different for propulsion installations in pleasure craft. Through years of expertise in the pleasure craft of outboard motors to IPS pod systems, I know the weak points and above all; bad maintenance.


One of the most important parts of a project is good reporting to the client. My reports are famous for being very complete, since I put a lot of effort in it. A report has to incude at least:

  • Client/object and assignment description
  • findings
  • cause of error
  • plan for repair
  • cost calculation for repair
  • conclusion/recommendations

A good looking template will also give a nice visually and readability.