Project Management

Project management; the project leader is responsible for the final result. A project is a previously agreed unique result with the required work, which must be realized with limited resources, aimed at achieving goals.
Characteristic of a project is therefore that it is a method for issues that contain many new elements that can not be reduced to earlier experiences. To bring this to a successful conclusion, the input is needed from people who normally participate in other work processes. Therefore, a suitable working method must be sought for each project, instead of being able to walk the beaten track.

Process 1: the interaction

This process is about enabling a number of employees who do not cooperate with each other to work together effectively. This requires managerial skills from the project leader. It requires insight from all those involved in the team formation process. It also requires the willingness of those involved to deal constructively with conflicts. A project almost always produces conflicts (including the best project!): About priorities, about the distribution of scarce resources as manpower and money, but often also when implementing the project result.

Process 2: the main actors (or the project organization)

In this process, attention is paid to establishing the tasks and powers of the client. The client is expected to remain involved in the project during the course of the project.
A second role that requires attention is that of the project leader. In the project there must be someone who is willing to take responsibility for the realization of the result and who is able to exercise the powers that belong to him (or her!) As project leader. The third project role is that of the project team member. His most important assignment is ‘doing’ (executing, making) and thinking along with it. It is important to involve the various employees in the project as early as possible.

Project Management

Process 3: the environment

For a project leader the delivery of a result desired by the client is central. This result must help the client to bring the goal that he or she desires closer. In order to have a project land in its environment, support is needed from those involved. Support from people such as users, chefs, suppliers, victims, financiers and the like. Entering what is conceived and created in a project must be supported, supported and used by others than the client, the project leader or the project team.

Process 4: the method

The core of project-based work is steering on a pre-agreed result (also called deliverable or product). If the result to be delivered is clear, the work to be performed can be inventoried. Sometimes it is advisable to phase that work. To ensure that the project is steerable and that